Jurbysoft 6 – Hóa chất chống cặn và ăn mòn cho nồi hơi

JurbySoft® 6
Boiler Water Treatment
Liquid Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor
®6is designed for use of fed water boiler water treatment. It is a liquid complex
chemical product, used for corrosion and scale processes control in low and middle pressure
boilers. Maximum working temperature for the product 250
0C, maximum pressure – up to 40
®6 is a product based on polyphosphates, polymers, antifoam components and
has the following properties:
binding ions of rigidity and iron in feed water, preventing formation of a scale;
neutralize carbonic gas and adjusts alkalinity in the limits causing the least corrosion;
prevent to formation of deposits as flakes or oozy substance (highly effective
dispersants transform the salts in systems the boiler in soft, concentrated sludge,
easily removed by blow-down);
promotes to creation uniform a protective magnetite film on surfaces of steel and
copper alloys;
keeps freep-alkalinityformation (NаОН) andreducesrisk of caustic embrittlement;
stabilizes sludge and does not allow to accumulate and adhere in the places of bad
prevents foaming and carryover of boiler water even at the maximum productivity of
the boiler.
multifunctional liquid chemical product;
improving a steam quality;
keeps a heat exchangers surfaces clean, maximizes heat transfer and minimizes
maintenance costs;
don’t need special storage condition and easy to use;
environment friendly and FDA 21-173.310 approved components.
JurbySoft® 6

Appearance Colourless to light yellow liquid
Active materials polyphosphates, polymers and antifoam components
Density (at 20°C) 1,15 ± 0,05
pH 9,0÷10,0
Freezing point – 15°C
Soluble in water in all proportions


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