Jurbysoft 67 – Hóa chất chống rêu mốc cho tháp giải nhiệt

JurbySoft® 67

Cooling water treatment




JurbySoft® 67 is a very effective biocide based on isothiazoline compounds and has a wide spectrum of action. JurbySoft® 67 controls growth of bacteria, algae and fungi and thus increases the efficiency of industrial cooling water systems. The non-oxidizing microbiocide JurbySoft® 67 is used to control the growth of bacteria and fungi in recirculating cooling water systems, condensation systems and in holding reservoirs of industrial fresh water systems.



JurbySoft® 67 shows a very high efficiency of biocidic, fungicidic and algicidic properties in water systems that are frequently or strongly contaminated by biological growth. The biocide JurbySoft® 67 activity is based on the fact that active materials attack the phospholipid material in the cytoplasmic membrane of microorganisms, causing lysing of the membrane and death of the cell. It is effective against sulfate reducing and other anaerobic bacteria.

JurbySoft® 67 is completely soluble in water and can be used in both acid and alkaline systems and is characterized as a prolonged action biocide. This product is stable, does not cause foam and it is nonvolatile by evaporation. JurbySoft® 67 does not react with metals, rubber and other materials from which equipment of cooling system is made.

Another characteristic of the product is a high solubility in many organic solvents (aliphatic and aromatic). This fact has a great importance in those circuits that are frequently contaminated by different organic impurities (solvents and/or oils). The problem related to contaminating oils is because they form water repellent film on tube surfaces as well as emulsion that protects microbial mass (biofilm, biofouling) from the action of biocides.



  • a broad spectrum of bactericide activity;
  • effective at very low concentrations and a broad range of pH;
  • liquid product which can be easily used;
  • non volatile;
  • non corrosive and does not increase salinity;
  • does not foam;
  • compatible with most corrosion and scale inhibitors;
  • biodegradable, ecological.



Physical data

Appearance light green liquid
Active materials isothiazoline
Density (at 20°C) 1,06 ± 0,05
pH 2,0 ÷ 4,0
Freezing point – 2°C
Soluble in water in all proportions


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