Ty ion B20 – Hóa chất chống ăn mòn cho tuần hoàn kín

Ty-Ion B20

Ty-Ion B20 is a liquid nitrite-borax corrosion inhibitor and dispersant for closed recirculating systems. It combines corrosion inhibitors, a unique copolymer dispersant, and a color indicator into a complete treatment for both hot and chilled water closed systems containing ferrous and non-ferrous metal components. The color indicator facilitates leak detection and proper treatment residuals.


Ty-Ion B20 controls corrosion by producing a protective passivating film on all exposed metal surfaces through a synergistic combination of sodium nitrite and borax, plus organic inhibitors. In addition, it’s copolymer dispersant inhibits deposit formation through its dispersing capability.

The unique color indicator in Ty-Ion B20 is extremely useful in locating any existing leaks in closed systems, to quickly determine if the systems are properly treated and also to determine if the pH has dropped in the system because of bacterial infestation.


  • Inhibits corrosion and helps prevent corrosion deposits in multi-metal systems.
  • Chromate-free for longer life of mechanical seals and easier disposal.
  • Effective at both high and low operating temperatures.
  • Helps disperse suspended solids with a unique copolymer dispersant.
  • Contains a novel color indicator that is pH sensitive, facilitating leak detection and treatment level.
  • Compatible with typical antifreezes such as glycol.

Physical Properties

·         Form: Liquid, red in color

·         pH 1% solution: 10.7

·         Pounds/Gallon: 10.2

·         Chromate Free: Yes

·         Solubility: Complete

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